About this blog: This blog is a digital representation of work completed in the Art Education program at Northern Illinois.  It consists of assignments, clinical experiences and reflections.

About me: My Name is John Cheney and I am a student at Northern Illinois University.  I am currently majoring in Art Education and Printmaking to receive both my B.S.Ed and my B.F.A.  I have been in love with the subject of art since I was very little and have grown more passionate about it throughout the years.

About ARTE 342: This class has been an experience.  The assignments have been creative and the teaching was exciting.  Overwhelming at times the stress did get to me and many times I questioned if I really wanted to proceed in the program.  I wanted to know what relevance the assignments had to teaching.  Why were they important?  However after teaching at the first grade level I know why?  Creating these assignments we were fully able to understand the language that children are able to relate to.  I’ve laughed cried and everything  in between.  Ive grown as a student and as a teacher this semester.

About ARTE 387: This is a course geared towards assessing student work.  Understanding traditional and unique assessment methods is what this course aims to do.  Additionally this course is geared  specifically towards art assessment, which needs to be  handled differently.


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  1. Hi John! I just looked over your E-portfolio, and overall i am impressed with your amount of work. In your writing, i can tell that you have a definate and genuine passion for teaching- this is great. During the art show you were very professional as well, your overall disposition speaks alot twords your character. I noticed that in this protfolio, you do not mention very much in regards to the behavioral/social/cognative development of elementarty students… for example an understanding of the various stage by age models presented by Lowenfeld might give you some insight as to the cognative capabilities of students this age. keep up the good work my man,
    -Matt E

  2. John

    Hi Buddy! How are things? 🙂 thanks for being my little for technological buddy, you helped me out in so many ways, you cant even imangine. I’ll never forget everything you taught me. “Thats what she said”. Ah, michael scott, you rascal. Anyway, everything looks great, and I can see all the hard work you have put in this semester. Keep it up, and i cant wait to go to your BFA show. Go printmaking!

  3. I cannot leave comments on your 3D projects!

  4. gabrielleangelica | Reply

    Oh, John! Please continue to post about your teaching experiences!!!!!! And thanks for following me!

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